Spark an Awakening with Depth Hypnosis

Erica relies on her heart and all her senses to serve individuals, like you, through the spiritual healing of Depth Hypnosis to spark an awakening within their consciousness to align with their authentic self.  As a certified hypnotherapist in the spiritual counseling practice of depth hypnosis and a devoted shamanic practitioner, Erica holds space and brings light for those looking to:

  • Bring balance into their lives when suffering from depression, addiction, phobias, anger or anxiety
  • Neutralize constant negativity experienced through an inner critic, chronic disease or critical parent
  • Unearth and heal suffering, pain and distress caused from trauma
  • Better understand their self and their spirit


Depth Hypnosis is a highly effective counseling model to uncover, unwind and heal a variety of symptoms and challenges.  The process understands that all symptoms are teachers that help one to find their way back to balance by addressing an issue on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

I help my clients work from a deep meditative state to move beyond their busy, conscious mind– without losing any awareness of the experience. This process helps them unravel the patterns in their lives that keep them from showing up fully.  It allows a deeper understanding of their self and how to live a more authentic and empowered life.

Everyone is capable of healing and everything is “healable”. This work has allowed me to unwind and release harmful patterns in my own life as well as introduce my young daughters to their own source of knowing that has their highest good as its sole intent.

We do not have to live in suffering nor feel alone or lost. My goal is to assist clients in learning how to connect with their deepest knowing, their higher self, and heal beyond their imaginations. If you are wanting more, click here to further understand Depth Hypnosis.


I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to give you an expanded overview of the Depth Hypnosis process and explore how it can work for you.

Typically, the Depth Hypnosis process includes 3-5 sessions where each 90-minute session ebbs and flows to what you are needing or is showing up.  The flow often looks like this…

  • Learn about you and topics to work on in session
  • Connect with your higher self through a meditation
  • Work through one or several sessions to unravel deep patterns to help you live an enlightened life

For a short period, I’m charging $25 per session (all sessions are remote via a Zoom meeting) as I iron out wrinkles in putting the proper support and infrastructure in place for these sessions.  Cancellations must be made with at least 24 hours’ notice and payments should be made prior to each session.

I’m ready to schedule a 20-minute phone consult to meet Erica and confirm this is right for me.

I had my initial consult and ready to schedule a 90-minute depth hypnosis session.