SparkPath is a project leadership and management firm for SaaS and financial software companies. We bring electricity to your large-scale, complex projects by bringing people together to spark incredible outcomes.

We specialize in helping you to focus on the right path, define the right scope, gather the right people, and create the right schedule — allowing you to get out of your own way, and launch successful work.

For us, strategic planning is in our bones. We bring a fresh set of eyes to help you see your opportunities and activate key players. The results are often an orchestrated brilliance, like a firework show of productivity.

We have a secret sauce that we bring to every client: we are the ambassadors of your ideas and champions for your projects. Through clear communication and centralized goals we will get your teams in lockstep, get things done, and create focused initiatives from ideation, all the way through to global launches.

Yes, complex projects will face hurdles, but it’s our mission and passion to help you create successful work and enjoy the process along the way.

Leading your Biggest and Brightest Ideas

As founder of SparkPath and certified program manager, Erica Smigielski is entrepreneurial and a master at GSD (Getting Stuff Done.) She’s zealous about evolving strategic initiatives into adopted systems and processes that support new solutions — while building long-lasting relationships with clients. Erica works with busy executives in the software and services industries across the United States, helping them effectively advance both large and small organizational initiatives. A big-picture person with an analytical mind, Erica steps in to manage change so business decision-makers can focus on what they do best.

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