How We Do It

Our Mission and Values

Simply put, our mission is to work with business leaders and get things done. To do this and be successful, we rely on these 5 core values.

  • Accountability: We bring assurance and ease by taking a project from people’s hands and bringing it to completion in a manner clients implicitly trust.
  • Organization: We calm the chaos by establishing order and defining work into actionable tasks neutralizing any perceptions of being overwhelmed.
  • Collaboration: We create a community where everybody has a valued voice and offers viable solutions to promote teamwork and alignment.
  • Stability: Our consistent and reliable approach brings together all project components in the most harmonious and effective way.
  • Authenticity: We bring life, humor and meaning into the project by encouraging open and honest communication, bringing clarity and integrity into the work.
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Our Approach

SparkPath, led by Erica Smigielski, was built upon her foundational principles and ideals. So, if you’re working with Erica or a member of her team – you can expect a consistent approach. The SparkPath ideals are based on getting stuff done, getting clear and organized, and getting your company in motion. We accomplish this by building upon three foundational pillars that have proven to work time and time again.

The first pillar is our reliance on the Strategic Execution framework. This framework focuses on the company’s goal and strategy to build a highly effective and diverse team through which the work is planned and organized. Then, the strategy execution team puts efforts in motion to get the work done while applying the organization’s core values and governing principles to manage stakeholder relationships and ensure successful execution.

Group Facilitation, as our second foundational pillar, helps support groups so they can do their best thinking. SparkPath knows how to execute active listening while facilitating open discussions. We believe that a team must focus on the individual voices and problem-solve together – regardless of the group dynamic. SparkPath is skilled at brainstorming, then creating a process management plan to support the goals set by the business. With group facilitation, SparkPath helps your cohort design an agenda and hold everyone accountable to reach closure. Often, this is coupled with an organization’s adaptive approach to Agile methodologies and, by nature, SparkPath assumes the role as a modified SCRUM master.

Lastly, Pragmatic Marketing is the third pillar SparkPath leans on. This market-driven model allows us to guide you through the process of managing and marketing your technology products to successfully bring a solution to market and drive business growth. Your clients and prospects know what they want. Your company and employees know your product. SparkPath becomes your expert at bridging these understandings and solving the customer and business need by relying on Pragmatic Marketing practices.

Most importantly, SparkPath stands out for our emphasis on and use of intuition that has developed over the years of working and partnering with successful businesses. Regardless of the company, project or person – SparkPath holds space for clear and cohesive meetings that lead to productivity. And if something seems “off” with the plan, we approach it with genuine curiosity that is organic and mindful of the end goal. These 3 pillars, plus our authenticity and intuitive nature, allow us to make a huge impact in your business.