What is Depth Hypnosis Therapy

Depth Hypnosis is a counseling model developed by Isa Gucciardi, PhD that integrates Shamanism, Buddhism, Energy Medicine, and Transpersonal Psychology. A client does not need experience, knowledge, or belief in any of these areas to receive the benefits of Depth Hypnosis. In a Depth Hypnosis session, we discuss issues you’d like to work on and what effect they are having on your life. We use this information to go into an altered, meditative state and work on the subconscious level. You can think of this like a deep state where you are fully conscious and aware, but the busy working mind is taking a well-deserved break.

Working on the subconscious level allows us to see where patterns emerged from and how to unravel them, as well as identify and heal past trauma. Although talk therapy has many benefits and should not be discounted, Depth Hypnosis avoids talking at length about the trauma and cuts to the chase to allow the healing to occur much quicker. The committed client can expect to see a shift within 3-5 sessions. Most clients come every week and others come every few weeks and/or as needed. As with everything in life, you get out (of each session) what you put in.

In the session, the practitioner and client work as a team. The practitioner is not doing the work or healing for the client, but rather assisting the client as they learn to be their own healer, Depth Hypnosis empowers the client and reminds us that we all have the necessary tools within us.

Depth Hypnosis encourages radical self-responsibility and engages clients in a process of self-empowerment through self-knowledge. As clients navigate their psyches through hypnosis, insight inquiry, regression, dream work, meditation, or the shamanic journey; the Depth Hypnosis practitioner helps the client interpret their subconscious material. By doing so, the client and practitioner gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles that are creating disharmony in the client’s life.

Depth Hypnosis works on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It complements well with other practices and beliefs. Depth Hypnosis works for all areas and issues we – including children – are dealing with. From habits to relationship patterns to health issues and addictions to abuse and trauma – this practice allows for the client to come back into wholeness without living from one’s wounding.

To learn more about classes and other offerings taught by Dr. Gucciardi, please visit the Foundation of the Sacred Stream.

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