About Erica’s Spiritual Work

Erica relies on her heart and all her senses to serve individuals, like you, through spiritual healing to help spark an awakening within their consciousness to align with their authentic self. She holds space and brings light for those looking to harmonize their lives and find their path.

As a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Applied Shamanic Counselor and a Coming to Peace facilitator, Erica helps those looking to:

  • Bring balance into their lives when suffering from depression, addiction, phobias, anger or anxiety
  • Neutralize constant negativity experienced through an inner critic, chronic disease or critical parent
  • Unearth a new perspective on suffering, pain, and distress caused by trauma to heal and move forward
  • Move past resistance and step into power and better understand their self and spirit
  • Find a pathway to reconciliation and wholeness when in conflict

Through hypnotherapy, shamanic practices, and other healing modalities, Erica guides one to relax their mind to connect with their inner knowing, higher self, or source of truth and become their own shaman to access insights and clarity to evolve along their path.

To learn more about Erica’s journey that brought her to this work, read her Journey to Find My Purpose blog.

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