My Top 4 Gifts on Covid-19

Covid-19 has affected so many of us in ways we never could’ve imagined or expected. The numbers continue to grow each day on how this virus is hitting our homes, loved ones, businesses, and recreational areas. Never could we have thought that a moment like this, plans made and obligations to uphold, would have been halted by a worldwide pandemic. We all have moments of surprise, that catch us off guard and throw a wrench in plans, but a pandemic? While I’m certainly inconvenienced by this new, temporary, way of living and how out of sorts I am to be out of my routine– I’m equally grateful for what these changes are showing me. Here are my top 4 learnings, thus far, let’s call them “Covid-Top4Gifts:”

Gift #1

I’m reminded how we’re equal beings on this crazy place called Earth and despite any differences one has towards another or barriers that exist – we are all beautiful and connected beings. Complete strangers are now friends. Friends and colleagues are now appreciating each other like family.

Gift #2

I have no choice but to simplify and focus on what matters most – myself and my family. Our time together is certainly not taken for granted and I am grateful to have commitments unravel so I can be with my family and laugh, talk, read, play games and have long phone calls with distant relatives.

Gift #3

I’m shown just how overscheduled my family’s lives are as one commitment after another was canceled – and how *freeing* it feels to have a wide-open calendar. Wowzah!

Gift #4

I realized what we really need right now isn’t social distances but instead ‘physical distancing’ with TONS of social connections. We are social beings – even introverts. This is the time, more than ever, to connect with your tribe and share feelings, laughs and virtual hugs.

I look forward to bringing my personal learnings with me as we return to our next ‘normal’ soon. I’m also hopeful this rebalanced sense of humanity with more loving-kindness and compassion will be a reboot for all of us. Together, our lives and our businesses will come out stronger than we could have ever thought possible!

Embrace this time. Welcome the challenges. Celebrate the learnings. I’d love to hear about your “Covid-Top4Gifts”, whether it changes you made in your business or what the pandemic has made clear for you! Feel free to connect, share, and comment to help build connections and create solutions!


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A passionate organizer of people and initiatives, Erica Smigielski brings over twenty years of experience in project leadership to financial software and SaaS companies who want to launch their next big idea. She leads large-scale, complex projects like product launches and company mergers and acquisitions as well as focused efforts to bring structure and process to fast-track businesses. Erica holds certifications as a Stanford Advanced Project Manager as well as a Certified Group Facilitator, making her a master orchestrator of strategic planning, as well as a skillful communicator who can expertly navigate complex group dynamics.