Feeling Lost in The Face of Uncertainty

With all the uncertainty we have experienced this year, looking past your feet can be difficult. You spend so much time trying to survive the obstacles thrown directly in your path that looking beyond seems almost impossible. It is essential to know you are not alone in this feeling. If you are feeling lost in the face of uncertainty, it is part of your growth as a person. As time goes on, your surroundings may change, your practices or routines may change, and the people you surround yourself with may change. While change is a part of life, it does not mean adapting will be any more comfortable, but learning how to find your path again can become easier when you know yourself. Ask your inner self for clarity and direction. This helps you evaluate yourself and your past to build the future path and overcome the obstacles thrown within that path. You are lost, and hope is gone, but there are ways to find it and do the next right thing.

Looking Inward Before Pushing Onward

You know your needs and wants, but sometimes we need to dig deep inside ourselves to find out what exactly that is. You can do this through meditation or even in the silence of nature. The simplicity and serenity of the outdoor beauty can allow you to use its silence to listen to your innermost needs. These needs and desires could alter the course of your life for the better. We assume because it is our body, we know what it needs, and for survival, this is true. But to truly thrive and prosper, we need to give ourselves the time and attention we need to shift our future outlook. It is easy to become wrapped up in what others tell you is right, and even what your brain may be telling you is correct. However, without your spirit and soul being there, you can never feel entirely fulfilled.
Understanding how to connect with your inner self will provide the clarity you need when faced with uncertainty. To do this, start by finding a place that is quiet and relaxing for you. Close your eyes and dive into the silence. Here you can control your breath and the movement of your body. Then begin asking yourself what you genuinely want out of life and comb through your thoughts to find what your body feels right with. Once you can grasp what your mind, body, and soul align with, you can start building the steps as goals to get there.


Reflecting on Past Decisions to Find the Next Step


In the face of uncertainty, the future can become hidden behind a thick fog. And only when we find the clarity we are after can the fog dissipate. The tension you could be experiencing may deal directly with your business or your personal life. Looking at the situation, needing clarity starts by considering past similarities between your current conditions and others. This allows you to analyze how those past situations were handled and the decisions’ rights and wrongs. Then you can apply a similar but more experienced strategy for your current problems. This strategy helps you turn the fog lights on and move slowly through the fog ahead by following your laid out goals. While they stem from the past, your plans to move forward are a more educated decision based on the outcome of your last similar situation to this one.


Asking for Help from an Outside Perspective Step

Sometimes feeling lost in the face of uncertainty can be so heavy on yourself; you need an outlook that can offer an outside perspective. It is easy to be continually wrapped up in the mistakes you have made in the past that you feel like you cannot trust your own decisions when other obstacles present themselves. An outside perspective can offer reassurance in your belief in yourself or give you things to consider as you are making decisions. These factors can easily alter your course of action, and you may not have believed them at all without someone on the outside looking in. When you feel lost, it can be hard to find clarity, but someone outside the fog could help you build the path you want for the future.

As we begin the New Year, 2020 has left many of us in a fog, and getting out can be challenging, but as we have done thus far, we must continue to push ourselves through adversity to see what may lie ahead for us. These methods are designed to help you clear a path for yourself with help from evaluating your past, analyzing your sense of self, or be vulnerable enough to ask for help. No answer is wrong, and all can provide you a new path. These methods do not pave your entire life’s way. They only help you see when you are feeling lost. As change continues to occur, these methods of analyzing our needs and wants can help us adapt more quickly to these changes, so we are less likely to feel lost in the face of uncertainty.


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