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Enterprise PMOs Are a Necessity – Not a Luxury

One secret ingredient of the success of an Enterprise PMO (EPMO) is that it’s viewed as a necessity— not a luxury. I really appreciated the information in this article: “Planning Is Key to Project Management Success” by Moira Alexander. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Often large, cross-functional initiatives uncover competing priorities. This highlights a key reason for an EPMO, which Moira identifies. An EPMO ensures projects are consistently aligned with business objectives, thus taking the guessing and negotiating out of the equation and providing a unified direction.

In my opinion, the key to an EPMO’s success is truly a result of how executives value, rely on and empower them. When executives view the EPMO as a necessity and not a luxury, then amazing things indeed happen!

I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts on this topic and explore how we might support each other.

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A passionate organizer of people and initiatives, Erica Smigielski brings over twenty years of experience in project leadership to financial software and SaaS companies who want to launch their next big idea. She leads large-scale, complex projects like product launches and company mergers and acquisitions as well as focused efforts to bring structure and process to fast-track businesses. Erica holds certifications as a Stanford Advanced Project Manager as well as a Certified Group Facilitator, making her a master orchestrator of strategic planning, as well as a skillful communicator who can expertly navigate complex group dynamics.